And now meet Clarissa, the winner of the prize for the head that is more thoroughly empty of brains than anybody else’s. Because who else could have had the brilliant idea to have a breakfast of a pickled cucumber and coffee on the hottest day so far?

I’m trying to achieve a breakthrough on my chapter here but raising my blood pressure artificially is not the way. Stupid, stupid Clarissa.

On the positive side, today summer holidays officially begin for me. Tomorrow’s classes don’t count because I’m giving a mock final exam in al of my courses, and that’s a breeze. So I have exactly four months to finish my manuscript, submit it, and start working on my new (and super promising) project.

Also, this summer there will be a trip to Europe and to the Caribbean. And I’ll teach my online course for the first time. So you can imagine how many great posts we all have to look forward to.

Long live summer!

One thought on “Brainless

  1. I might give you a run for your money. I love tea and even though I don’t care that my entire dinner set is from IKEA, I do want to drink tea out of nice tea cups. So I get a couple of beautiful Limoges vintage cup/saucer sets from ebay. They arrived today, exactly as described. Which is the problem. These are more like demitasse cups, too small for tea, at least the amount of tea that I drink. I do drink espresso so I will get a lot of use out of them, but goddamnsonofabitch, that’s NOT what I wanted!!

    And I only have myself to blame. The seller included the dimensions of the cup in her description.

    Still, they’re beautiful, don’t you think?


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