Dear Fellow WordPress Bloggers!

Recently, it has become difficult for me to leave comments in my own Comments section. I try to leave a comment but the system refuses to accept it and gives me a nasty little zero instead. It appears right under the comment. This doesn’t happen all the time but it happens enough to be hugely annoying. Then, if I still want to leave my comment, I have to go to the actual post and hunt for the place in the thread where I want to leave it.

All of this is hugely annoying and time-consuming. Does this happen to you, too? If so, do you have any ideas why this happens? I’ve tried reloading the page but that doesn’t work. Has anybody found a way to avoid this issue?

If I can’t leave comments from my Comment section, that sucks because I can’t go hunting for each comment I want to answer in the actual thread.

6 thoughts on “Dear Fellow WordPress Bloggers!

  1. This has been happening to me as well, when I try to approve comments from the little orange “notifications” tab,,. but only sometimes. I wonder if it has to do with them migrating servers or something… you could always ask on their forums. 🙂


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