What’s the Weather in London?

I just looked online and it says that the weather in London is at 7 degrees Celsius right now. And that it will not raise above 14 C all next week. Is that possible? Does such a paradise exist? Here we are at 32 C and it will only go up.

And it seems that in Berlin the weather isn’t going above 20 C next week.

I have a feeling that I will not be able to force myself to come back home after this trip. In this extremely hot climate, I will be in hell until October, locked up at home and terrified of going outside even to check the mail. In the meanwhile, some lucky people are enjoying 7 C weather.

13 thoughts on “What’s the Weather in London?

  1. It’s a little cool for May, but that’s about right. 32C would be about the maximum August temp, apart from the occasional freaky hot spell.


  2. Tell me about it. I am not looking forward to summer. I escaped Florida (10-11.5 months of hell) to Virginia (only about 4-5 months of hell) but it’s not enough. I’m thinking about Alaska.


      1. I dream of stable weather. We’ve been jumping from twenties and snowing to eighties and sweltering for the past three weeks. The thunderstorms in between aren’t really helping any.


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