We are planning to go to Potsdam tomorrow. Any advice or suggestions are welcome.

Also : I haven’t been able to find any sauerkraut in Berlin.  Where do people go for sauerkraut? But please don’t say KaDeWe because I’ve been there today and I’m not crazy about the place.

Another thing : my friend who’s been living in Berlin says that beer is for shit here. I was going to have my only beer in years as a cultural experience of Germany but if it’s that bad, what’s the point? Please help me with this dilemma : beer or no beer?

8 thoughts on “Potsdam

  1. I’m not much for beer. But I loved the beer the Austria (different country I realize but similar beers I think.) And if you are a wine drinker at all, I thought the white wines were fabulous!


  2. Try the beer! 🙂 Even if the Berlin beer is perhaps not that famous, you find very good beers from other places in Germany, like Kölsch, or Bavarian beers. The weird thing they drink in Berlin is white beer with strawberry syrup or other syrups (‘Berliner Weisse mit Schuss’). They need to add syrup since their white beer is so sour. Maybe good to try that once for the experience.

    Potsdam is far less interesting compared to Berlin, in my opinion, but it has of course nice castles and parks, like sanssouci, and maybe it is interesting for you to see a smaller town.

    You should be able to get sauerkraut in any supermarket, like Tengelmann or REWE. It usually comes sealed in (aluminium or plastic?) bags and can be found close to the other conserved and canned food. Fresh sauerkraut might be out of season, if you’re looking for that…. If you happen so see a butcher somewhere, this might be the place to ask.


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