More on Berlin

What I like about Berlin :

1. Sausages.
2. Fashion.
3. The cheap and convenient public transportation system.
4. Outdoor cafes.
5. The mild climate.
6. That residential buildings are painted with beautiful pastel colors.
7. That every corner is photographable.
8. That freshly squeezed juices are available everywhere.
9. Cherry pie doesn’t include the vile gelatinous gunk that is always added to American pies.
10. The huge asparagus with phallic appearance.
11. Thick black tights are in and I’m now justified in my love of them.
12. The Turkish quarter.
13. Unlike in London, I’ve seen no women in burqas.
14. Tiny cars that are super cute.

What I don’t like about Berlin :

1. Books are very expensive.
2. There are people who drag children to beg for money. Social services, hello? Isn’t Germany supposed to have the best child protection laws in the world?
3. Garbage bins are fewer than I’m used to seeing.

15 thoughts on “More on Berlin

  1. Since one of the very few things that can send me into a nationalistic fervor is pie, I have to point out that you are wrong on #9. American cherry pie does not contain gelatinous substances. That type of nasty dessert may exist in American restaurants, but it is not the cherry pie that us pie-loving Americans eat at home.


    1. Oh, I’m glad to hear that! Now I need to hear that the famous American apple pie also isn’t supposed to have the funk or be smothered in scathe amounts of cinammon. I love cinammon but it’s always so overdone in th US!


  2. You probably are not much of a driver, but I would love to top the max speed of a car on the autobahn. That’s something I would do in Germany.


      1. You are encouraged to drive 130 km per hour, which are roughly 80 miles per hour. Nobody is stopping you from driving faster, however It can have legal consequences if you are involved in an accident. People have been talking about introducing a speed limit for years now, though.


  3. About the begging:
    Last year city close to my hometown had a police razzia on some kind of gang that were trafficking people, mostly women, into the country and then kept their passes and belongings and send them to beg into the inner city. Just saying.


  4. Re: women in burqas, sadly you just have to go to the infamous immigrant part of Berlin, Kreuzberg, and you’ll see many. Berlin is more segregated in this sense that immigrants tend to stick to their areas than London.


  5. The mild climate.

    Right now yes, but in the winter it goes to a miserable and damp -2C with just one hour of sunlight a day.

    p.s. I too really like Berlin.


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