“Everybody Is Just So Ugly!”

Whenever people start saying ““There are no hot (cool, intelligent, nice, worthy, etc.) girls/guys here””, this has nothing to do with the place they are describing and everything to do with their own issues.

I should know. I used to be one of those people.

5 thoughts on ““Everybody Is Just So Ugly!”

  1. I do not remember ever hearing this. Often I have heard that a particular city or university has “So many beautiful women.” I have not often heard this said about men, though a few women have said something of the sort in my hearing.

    One professor at a university I was visiting some years ago said that whenever anyone says that a university has lots of beautiful women it means that there are lots of thin, stylishly dressed white women. This puzzled me, since I had made the remark after seeing several curvy black and Asian women.

    Is this something that men may say to each other but women never hear, and vice versa, I wonder.


  2. My problem always has been finding smart women. I really do not want to date one of those ‘Latin America is a country’ believing girls.


  3. This reminds me of when I broke up with my first boyfriend. He was going to a small liberal-arts college in New York, and I (stupidly) offered to help him get ready to date again, since I’d already found a few suitors and wanted him to move on as quickly as possible so he’d stop fixating on me. He complained endlessly that the girls at his college were all ugly, because they had piercings, smoked, dyed their hair bright rainbow colours, or other arbitrary, stupid reasons. After listening to him complain on the phone for an hour, I hung up, concluded he was never going to find happiness, and focused on dating around and having fun on my own.
    Five years later, he’s still single and bitter, and is now complaining that none of the girls in his new town are pretty. Boy, can I call them!


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