Online Shopping for Swimsuits Is a Road to Happiness

How come when I go to a store and buy an expensive swimsuit in person, it always turns out to fit me horribly but when I buy a cheaper swimsuit online, it turns out to fit me ideally?

Look at this great swimsuit I bought on Amazon. It cost me $39.99, which I consider to be a fantastic price. It fits me like a glove, holds everything firmly in place, and feels super comfortable.

And it’s available in a variety of larger sizes.

To answer the question I asked at the beginning of this post, I guess that having to try on swimsuits at a store is so stressful that I just grab whatever feels remotely fitting and run. There is no such pressure in online shopping.

This is the second time I’ve bought a swimsuit online, and both purchases have been an unqualified success.

14 thoughts on “Online Shopping for Swimsuits Is a Road to Happiness

      1. I’ve got a C cup bra, I imagine it wouldn’t be the best for anyone with larger breasts than me though.


          1. I remember seeing a cartoon about the subject once, on what bra manufacturers think of their customers, it went something like this:
            AAA-B- must be prepubescent, lots of ugly bright patterns and animal prints.
            C-D- A woman! Lace and pretty things!
            DD and beyond- Beige to nonexistent.
            I’m pleased that the trend of full under-clothing corsets and shapewear is coming back in style though, they provide much better lift and shaping than a bra, and are more comfortable for me.


    1. That’s gorgeous. I’d wear it, too.

      AAA-B – must be prepubescent, lots of ugly bright patterns and animal prints.
      C-D – A woman! Lace and pretty things!
      DD and beyond – Beige to nonexistent.

      Ha! Awesome.

      I think I dodged a bullet in wearing only those cotton sports bras — they don’t have cup sizes because they don’t have cups. I have such minimal boobage that I don’t need the support, so I just find one that fits around my ribcage and buy a bunch of it. I do have one bra with cups, and it’s just black — must’ve been an exception to the Ugly Patterns & Animal Prints rule.

      I have also noticed that if you’re under a C, they think you must want a push-up or padded bra, while if you’re over a D you must want a minimizer.


      1. I really wish they would lose the push-up and pad obsessions. They make me look like a matron at best, and a pigeon at worst. Yes I have tried some things on today.


        1. “I really wish they would lose the push-up and pad obsessions.”

          – Oh God, I so agree! I also hate those metallic things they but in the sides. There needs to be a way to hold a chest in place without torturing it with metal devices. I’ve started using the Bali brand because its bras don’t have metal parts yet still don;t look like a harness.


  1. I’ve bought shoes in this way, too. My size is very small, so it’s almost impossible to find something fashionable locally. I do have to hold my breath whilst I wait to see if what I’ve bought fits me. I may have to translate the sizes from one system to another, with the risk of error. I have one pair of shoes I always wear which came from the US. I have another pair of boots, which fit me like a glove and are very pretty but the heels are too high. I can walk in them if I’m on soft surfaces like carpets, but not on the streets. I like having the boots, though. They originally cost $660 but were down to $220. If somebody came to visit me at my house and I wasn’t going anywhere, I could wear them.


  2. I’m afraid to buy anything online, because I have such an unusual body type. I have to try everything on.

    There are some places, like some sellers on Etsy, who will give you detailed measurements for clothes — that I’m not afraid to try. Etsy, too, gives you the ability to correspond with the maker and set up a custom order. My other problem, which sometimes even having measurements doesn’t help, is that I am often unexpectedly big in places they don’t even bother to measure on women, like shoulders, neck and arms. A shirt can be loose from the chest to the hem, but too tight across the shoulders or in the sleeves. And, with swimsuits, the problem I’ve always had is people assume that anyone as big as I am must have at least a B cup.

    My shoe size is really variable, so I have to try those on, too. I might need anything from an 8 1/2 to a 10 (US sizes), as my feet are long but narrow.

    I’m also really patient and don’t get stressed out in stores, so I can keep trying things on and not end up settling for something that really doesn’t fit me very well. I’m large, I’m tall, and I’m oddly shaped; I take it for granted I’m not always going to be able to find anything.


  3. Well, I went and looked for the bikini. I see it cannot be bought online as I am realistic about size but not cut. Hmmm.


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