Guess Where I Am

And now try to guess where I am now.

The meal is surprisingly good. This fish and chips is better than the one I tasted in London at Garfunkel’s. I will never forget that horrible chain.

8 thoughts on “Guess Where I Am

  1. Those fish and chips are not dissimilar to what you would get in Australia, only the serving would be a little larger and the fish would be laid on the chips, not on the salad.


  2. Well, let’s see: Heinz ketchup bottle…messaging (in English) which appears to say something about “flights” (though it’s rather blurry): you must be in an airport of some kind. Beyond that, I see a bunch of really garish placemats (which are not helpful at all, but are, at least to me, suggestive of a ‘touristy’ tropical setting). Looking at connections between various flights between Santa Domingo and Chicago (which I assume, for the sake of simplicity, to be the airports you are using), I’m inclined to say that you are in Miami International Airport. Though I can’t name the restaurant.


    1. You are going in the right direction, my friend. But this is a different connection: Charlotte, NC. I’m shocked at how well they feed people at the airport restaurant.


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