View From My Beach Bed

I know you are jealous. 🙂

6 thoughts on “View From My Beach Bed

      1. When I was a kid we were always at the beach. We could get coconuts from the palm trees there. My father would hack off the outer shells with a machete and then drill into the “eyes” that are at one end of the inner not and drain out the coconut milk and we’d drink it right there. My grandparents had orange trees in their back yard and when we visited we’d get fresh orange juice. :}


      2. Yeah. They’ve made great strides in bottled juice since I was a kid, but even the not-from-concentrate stuff doesn’t taste quite the same. Of course, I could just buy oranges and juice them myself, but I never developed strong wrists like my grandmother had. She grew up on a farm, and had muscles like a stevedore.


  1. I live ~20-30 min in a car from a mediterranean sea. So you can be jealous of me too. 🙂

    But this place does look absolutely gorgeous.


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