Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

I’ve been on a quest to find talented feminist bloggers and here is a post from one of them on whether secrecy is a valid  and productive response to the vicious strategies employed by woman-hating anti-choicers.

Basic rule: we should not perform cosmetic genital surgery on infants. Ever. All genital surgery not directly necessary to preserve the child’s health should be delayed until the child is old enough to have an opinion on it. When possible, surgery should be delayed until the child is 18, to prevent the parents from having undue pressure on the children and so that a prepubescent or barely pubescent child won’t decide that looking normal is more important than the risk of never having an orgasm when they’ve never had an orgasm.”

Louisiana Governor Jindal is a disgrace: “Jindal’s wholesale attack on Louisiana teachers, higher education institutions, public school students and public hospitals would not be complete without his signature retirement-reform legislation. For the good of Louisiana, he began to lose interest in the legislative session after winning his big education “reform” battles.”

Hillary Clinton rules.

This difficulty really goes to the heart of the matter in the dysfunction that is graduate training in the present time. It is so profoundly myopic, and graduate students are enabled and indeed encouraged by their advisors and committees to be so completely self-absorbed and self-indulgent in their single-minded focus on the minutiae of the dissertation, that the poor students have absolutely no idea what the actual requirements are of the tenure-track position.” A great post on how to craft a cover letter for an academic position. I only wish I’d read this before going on the job market.

Paul Ryan is not a follower of Ayn Rand: “That’s right, Paul Ryan, a Republican anti-abortion fanatic, has until very recently been publicly proclaiming his philosophical hero to be a woman who was a relentless champion of a woman’s right to choose. And Ryan’s pro-war stance in the Congress on every issue and every funding issue involving the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War would have disappointed Rand too. … Ayn Rand was a much clearer and much more consistent thinker than Paul Ryan could ever be. And she would have seen through Paul Ryan’s phony devotion to her long before Catholics United and vice presidential politics made him turn on her.

Foreign languages and autism.

A group of scholars looked at survival rates in over a hundred ship wrecks over the course of three centuries. The conclusion? “Women and children first” is a myth. The idea that the captain goes down with his ship is also a myth. They’re simply not true. The survival rates are highest for men and for the crew, and lowest for women and children.”

Donating to political campaign is stupid because you will never outspend these folks.

Who are the izikhothane? A fascinating post.

A brilliant response to people who see their choice not to have children as somehow morally superior.

And the post of the week: “By rejecting the Liberal Arts, we reject pleasure, critical thinking, diversity, LITERACY, beauty, and even, dare I say it, love.When I go to my meetings today, I will be prepared to argue this point. I am pretty sure I’ll be arguing this point for the rest of my career.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion”

  1. Not only is not having children not morally superior, it is intellectually ignorant. The developed world is well past its population crisis and well into depopulation mode, with the underdeveloped world (except Africa) not far behind.

    In other words, go ahead. Have two kids, world population is still expected to drop substantially even if you do.


  2. I will have to start reading once I’ve had my coffee. It’s a slow-to-wake-up kind of day for me. 😉

    This week, I had another guest author, closetpuritan, who wrote Hating Gym: Guest Blogging Edition — letting me know that I’m at least not alone in viewing some of my PE classes as excellent ways to discourage lifelong physical activity.

    And I wrote Things That Are Awesome About Southern Arizona. We have a primary election coming up, and I’ve been seeing and hearing political ads everywhere, which remind me of all the crappy things happening in Arizona right now. I thought I’d remind myself about some of the good things.


  3. Wow, thanks for the link, Clarissa! I’d be really interested in your take on my language acquisition… especially since you have mastered numerous languages – have you had any sort of similar experiences?


    1. Oh, here we go again, another Bush blemar. When you can’t explain the mindless spending spree and shameless socialistic policies of our current administration, revert to pointing the finger at the last one. Bush had NOTHING on Obama’s spending. Obama QUADRUPLED the national deficit in his first six months. He’s spent more than all presidential administrations combined up to and including Carter. If McCain and Palin had won, I doubt we’d have paradise, but we wouldn’t have hell.


      1. I’m not exactly sure what your rant has to do with Abortion statistics in Ontario, Canada (which is what my post was about), or what a ‘blemar’ is, but okay thanks for your…thoughts.


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