What We Care About

Suddenly, everybody is submitting very honest essays to me. Another student writes:

The last thing I care about at this moment is how other countries are doing. All that matters to me is when the domestic economy will improve and I don’t care what price other countries will have to pay for this improvement.

I guess this is somebody who didn’t tune into the last presidential debate on the foreign policy. But that’s OK since both candidates barely tuned in to this topic.

Note that the students are submitting this to me, a professor who is very obviously a foreigner. I think this is a good sign. They must feel very comfortable around me.

P.S. I don’t know if I need to mention yet again that I don’t grade people on their opinions. I grade their grammar, vocabulary, style of writing, and the way their argument is structured. So there is no need to worry about the students. I’m only sharing these quotes because I’m human and nihil humanum mihi alienum est.

P.P.S. The absolute majority of the students improved their writing dramatically since our first written assignment in late August. Today, I showed them a really badly written paragraph I created and they all recognized that it was bad and could point out what was so bad about it. All of my hard work is paying off.

2 thoughts on “What We Care About

  1. Under the policies of neoliberalism, other countries may benefit as the US places many of its manufacturing bases and other industries offshore. American citizens should be happy to sacrifice for the prosperity of foreign business males. At the same time, the citizens of America and elsewhere should learn to adapt to the prospects of casual work and a lower standard of living in most instances. This shouldn’t matter, because the US corporations will benefit, and it doesn’t matter who will pay the cost.


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