So What Do You Think?

About the new theme.

13 thoughts on “So What Do You Think?

  1. It’s very white… a bit clinical, and everything merges into everything else. There are no clear blocks to delineate post from sidebar. How about a bit of colour? 🙂


  2. It’s the one I use for one of my blogs. It’s not perfect, but is better than most. The thing I don’t like about it is that some parts are pale grey on white background, which is very difficult to read. I frequently click on “Edit” comments when I want to Reply to them, because the “Reply” is almost invisible.


  3. Personally, I find the font a bit small to read comfortably….especially the righthand sidebar material. Any way to make it a bit bigger?


  4. I much prefer the creamy color. The stark white causes me eyestrain if I reda for very long, and the grey is not much better. It means I will spend less time reading here, unfortunately.


  5. The new theme is good, but I liked the old one better. The new theme has a little too much white space in between posts, so the reader needs to scroll a lot to read successive posts and comments.


  6. I would like to see a ‘Older Posts’ link at the bottom of the page so I can go back to earlier posts. You used to have it in the previous theme. Now the only way to go back is to click on monthly archives, which is not very convenient.


  7. I like it. The simpler the better, they say. However, new readers of your blog may find some color more engaging…


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