Conservative Canadians

Among the Canadians I know, even those who vote Conservative in Canada are ecstatically happy Obama won the reelection. They don’t want to be hit with another wave of global recession originating in the US. Canadians need a robust and functioning economy in the US. They did very well with Clinton in the White House, saw things go to the dogs with Bush and improve with Obama. Of course, they are pro-Obama now.


6 thoughts on “Conservative Canadians”

  1. The RP has skewed the US political spectrum so far to the right that in most countries they’d be considered far right. It’s the Democrats who’d be considered mainstream conservatives in most countries.


  2. All of the Conservatives I know supported Romney. But this is probably because Harper is so hated in my demographic that no one but the really hard-core conservatives are willing to identify as such anymore.


    1. At least, this election allowed me to gloat seeing how crushed members of the Russian-speaking community are. They have declared a day of mourning. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. They hate Harper, too, because he is way too liberal for them.


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