We Should All Thank Petraeus

Now that I’m on this topic anyways, I wanted to mention that we should all just thank Petraeus. This presidential election was so emotionally charged, tense and aggressive that we all needed a good spot of soap-operish comedy to alleviate the tension.

The great Spanish playwright Lope de Vega said in 1609 that it was crucial to provide regular comic relief to an audience if you wanted it to enjoy a good tragedy. Thanks to Petraeus’s ultra-funny affair, we now feel refreshed, invigorated, and ready to plunge into the new electoral cycle.


7 thoughts on “We Should All Thank Petraeus”

  1. “we now feel refreshed, invigorated, and ready to plunge into the new electoral cycle.”

    Speak for yourself. I never want to hear the word “election” again.


        1. Yes, I agree, this kind of drama every two years is a bit too much. When I told my students that in Spain the election campaign wasnt allowed to last longer than 1 month, they looked very wistful.


      1. Wow, people who actually control their media instead of letting it run their lives. Can you imagine the outcry from ABCCBSNBCMSNBCDDTwhatever if we tried that here? The boohooing and sobbing over “free speech has been teh crushed!” (by the people no less, whose voices don’t really count of course unless they are bigwigs in the entertainment media) would make such a din that we’d all go deaf. Which would be a kind of comfort though I’d miss being able to listen to Mozart.


        1. I also told the students that in Spain, nobody could try to buy the elections because private donations to political campaigns are very limited and controlled. Instead, political parties get a limited amount of money and equal access to public media to run their campaigns. The students were shocked.


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