Requiem for Gender Studies Departments

If you ever wondered why Gender Studies departments have turned into a huge embarrassment across North America, you can find your answer in this comment left on my blog today.

I’ve seen people leave quite a few stupid comments on the blog but this one is truly special. I even did something that I very rarely do and checked the IP address to see where this brilliant commenter came from. I won’t tell you because that’s too embarrassing.

Read it and weep, folks.


7 thoughts on “Requiem for Gender Studies Departments”

  1. How could someone get that far in their education without being called out on being so North America-centric in their worldview?


  2. Feminism isn’t a lost cause. Pointless navel-gazing pontification which speaks exclusively in passive voice and views everything through the lens of a clueless upper-middle class white American woman’s eyes is the lost cause. It’s just tragically common for the two to be conflated.


    1. I think “feminism is a lost cause” means keeping the name feminism from being taken over by the navel gazers is a lost cause rather than the cause itself being lost.


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