We have this beautiful thick fog today, and that makes me feel like we are finally going in the right direction. Anything is better than the endless sun we’ve had since March. I’m a night creature. The sun annoys me more than I can tell you. I mean, on the beach it has its uses but in regular life it is a pest.


9 thoughts on “Fog”

  1. This is such a beautiful picture. Going for a walk in the fog during wintertime used to be one of my favorite activities. I miss doing that in southern california.


    1. This is so funny. Two comments about California appear at the same time. One says there is a lot of fog in California, another says there is none. That’s how one knows what a huge state California is.


      1. I thought Stringer *was* talking about SoCal, although early winters there are usually clear, it’s true, the fog starts in spring and goes through July (and is a coastal thing).


  2. I love the sun, but miss that Pacific fog! Never thought I would, but I do, and when it is mixed with the smell of Chinese food cooking you can only be in S.F.

    This is a gorgeous photo.


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