Mouse Advice

And, of course, my mouse had to give out in the penultimate week of the semester. I hate Logitech mouses because they break down like crazy. One broke down before I could start using it.

If you use a mouse you like and it’s not Logitech, please tell me the brand and the model. I need to buy a new mouse today.


5 thoughts on “Mouse Advice”

  1. Odd. I have never had a problem with Logitech. I have an M500 (five buttons and with a cord) that I love that I’ve had for the past few years. I bought it to replace the mouse that came with my mac once its scroll nub stopped working.


  2. Have you considered going mouseless? It’s been a while since I’ve done mouseless computing, and I’ve largely lost that skill set. I’m trying to kick the habit of using editors other than vim, though, so maybe in a while I’ll try to kick the mouse habit.

    FWIW I use a Microsoft Comfort Mouse. Josie and I bought it about a year ago to replace an 11-year-old Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse.


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