Petitioning the President

Reader Observer left a link to a petition some weird folks are addressing to the President of the US asking him to meddle in the internal affairs of Spain. Here is what Observer has to say about it:

I, personally, urge the President to take care of his own people and business and do not promote the US policing role in the world. Mr President, please, are you bored about nothing to do?

I agree with this intelligent reader completely. When will we finally start concentrating on our own massive problems instead of trying to meddle in the affairs of people we know very little about? I mean, how many Americans even know what Catalonia is?

Don’t get me wrong, I care about Catalonia deeply and spend a lot of time educating my students about it. But President Obama has already demonstrated that his understanding of Hispanic countries is egregiously bad and uninformed. He should not interfere with Spain.


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