I’m Productive

I did so much work today that I’m scaring myself. This is what I did:

1. Created a syllabus for my literature course next semester.

2. Created a schedule for oral presentations in the literature course.

3. Gathered all of the readings for the literature course.

4. Created a final exam for my Culture of Spain course.

5. Created a study guide for the final exam.

6. Planned tomorrow’s lecture.

7. Conducted oral exams for the students in Russian 101 (this is a service obligation.)

8. Discussed the final grades for the Russian students with the instructor and submitted them.

9. Worked on my research. OK, it was only 20 minutes but that’s better than nothing.

10. Sent out exit questionnaires to our graduating seniors.

11. Graded the presentations by my independent researchers and sent out individual feedback.

This isn’t everything I needed to do but it’s a lot.

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