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The 4 Words Meme

Everybody has probably seen this meme already but I just discovered it on my sister’s Facebook page (more on me and Facebook later) and decided to share it anyways:

4 words


My 4 words are: talented, loyal, dramatic, impatient, and they describe me perfectly. Especially the last two.

Which words are yours?

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52 thoughts on “The 4 Words Meme

  1. You are these four words!

    Mine: dramatic, reserved, genuine, elegant.


  2. Genuine, reserved, talented, outspoken. Fifth one was peaceful. This game is so accurate it is kind of scary.


  3. titfortat on said:

    lol, not so sure this works, other than the first one. 😉

    Serve, elegant, naive, shy


  4. P.S. then I saw more, after peaceful: sweet, dependent, lovely, elegant. I am glad I saw the first four first.


  5. Jonathan Mayhew on said:

    Prey, peace, baty, going,


  6. Jonathan Mayhew on said:

    Then I got thoughtful, dramatic, outgoing, sweet on a second look


  7. Roberto Severino on said:

    I got reserved, naive, outgoing and insecure.

    In real life, I’m an insecure curmudgeon with a strong work ethic.


  8. titfortat on said:

    I did a quick second take and saw genuine, maybe there is something to this afterall. 🙂


  9. I got prey, passionate, wee, thoughtful. The last 3 make sense. The first one worries me a bit!


  10. Sorry to be a spoilsport, but the words in here are such that almost everyone fits them at some time; this is enhanced by that fact that most words are describing positive traits. For example, one of the words is “Happy”, a feeling or trait everyone is at some point. It seems to be an instance of the Forer effect. Some people might object on the grounds that the FE applies when people are given personality traits that they believe are specially-tailored for them, but I see the fact that you are supposed to pick four words yourself (the “The First Four Words You See Describe You”) as having the same psychological effect as having a personality description tailored for you. Indeed, I’m sure enough of my interpretation that if a psychologist came along here (like Miriam), she’d almost certainly say what I’m saying.

    The effect here is also enhanced by looking for confirmation rather than disproof; you’re asked to look for traits that apply to you, rather than ones that don’t.

    In other words, this is just a game or a parlor trick. and a fun one at that.


  11. titfortat on said:

    Rob F

    Was your first word spoilsport?


  12. Evelina Anville on said:

    Mine were happy, patient, witty, and sweet. In general, I think most fit me….except for the patient. I am patient when I teach. But that’s about it. 😉 But this was fun. Thanks for posting! 🙂


  13. I couldn’t see APE, so still looking


  14. My words thus far are happy, patient, elegant, peaceful, serve, passionate.


  15. Passionate, witty, critical, and sweet.

    Oh, well. Three out of four ain’t bad. 😉


  16. Hm. Passionate, loyal, rage, witty. I don’t think I was supposed to see rage, and on second glance, rage is supposed to be part of courageous. What does it mean that I only saw rage and not courageous…? I guess I am still angry about job application season 😉


  17. bolanja on said:

    Sweet, loyal, witty, patient. Hmmm …


  18. Loyal, naive, caring, dramatic.

    I’m not dramatic, or perhaps I am but I don’t let it out. 🙂 OMG, this meme knows more about me than I do!! 🙂


  19. sentimental, lovely, restless, dramatic


  20. Loyal, dramatic, outgoing and outspoken. I’m very positive I got only the first one right. When can I take the retest?


  21. Even though I am half dead, the four words I read were: Lazy, Happy, Impatient, Genuine. Happy Holidays


  22. “Eloquent,” “Restless,” “Outspoken” and, *ahem*, “Dependent.”


  23. NancyP on said:

    lazy, happy, impatient, genuine – starting from the top, the first four words of length 4 or more letters.
    I didn’t “see” dim at first, as I was set to look for longer words, and I didn’t use patient, as it was part of a longer word.
    I do puzzles – I tend to start out with a simple method, and then get creative once the obvious items have been identified.


  24. Benoni on said:

    Apparently, I’m sincere, passionate, charming, and, um… prey.


  25. Reserve, patient, happy, spoken.


  26. Happy, lovely, naive, passionate. Wow, that’s pretty good.


  27. Sentimental, passionate, outspoken, thoughtful.


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