My New Year’s Tree


We decided not to have any huge Christmas-related meal this year because we will be in Montreal in a week where my mother will feed us like we are at risk of starvation and my sister will take us to every trendy restaurant she can think of. Even I can’t deal with that much food, so we will dial down the eating in the week before traveling. I remember how once we invited our Canadian friends to one of my mother’s festive dinners. After eating more (absolutely delicious) food they had seen in a week, Canadians started to crawl off the chairs, feeling completely sated. “Where are they going?” my mother asked me in Russian. “Tell them we are just getting started here. I have 4 more courses prepared.” I promise to post photos of my mother’s food, so you understand what I’m talking about. In the meanwhile, here is my New Year’s tree.

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