Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

It would be very rewarding to have an unusual experience of reading news from Ukraine that are not completely disheartening and disgusting. But that doesn’t meant to be, it seems. I just discovered that last month there was a flare-up of anti-semitism in Ukraine. A recently elected member of Ukrainian Parliament (a.k.a  the freak show of the century) declared that actress Mila Kunis is a dirty Jew (he used a less polite word, of course) who should stick the Star of David up hers (I’m providing a literary translation of colloquialisms here) and stop mentioning her country of origin. (Here is a link but it’s in Russian.)

The really ridiculous part of this is that today’s anti-Semitism in Ukraine is directed at a group that is no longer there. The absolute majority of Ukrainian Jews left the country a while ago. Maybe a few especially tenacious ones remain, although I wonder what possesses them to do so. Historically, countries that make all the Jews leave never fare too well economically, scientifically, or culturally. Ukraine should remember that. After an unparalleled history of promoting the rights of Jews as an integral part of creating the first independent Ukrainian Republic, it is a shame to see this happening in Ukraine today.

P.S. Anybody who tries to leave a comment about anti-Semitism supposedly being more widely spread in Ukraine than anywhere else should know that s/he is being an ignorant fool who is parroting the nasty Soviet anti-Ukrainian propaganda. Just go away already, comrade.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

  1. I have mentioned before that FSU countries have antisemitism still. There still is and have always been nasty antisemitism in Ukraine, as in many other countries, like Poland.

    I would guess that P.S. shows Ukrainian nationalism since while antisemitism is everywhere, I think in U.S., or Canada f.e., members of Parliament would be more careful to pronounce the word “kike” than this Ukrainian member – its’ Russian equivalent.

    It is not “nasty Soviet anti-Ukrainian propaganda” since imo Russia is no better. Your readers in US got lots of Cold War anti-USSR propaganda, and for most part don’t know what Ukraine is.


  2. Anti-semitism is disgusting. Also, I like Mila Kunis – that is, i like her acting (I don’t know her personally). I always enjoy seeing her in movies or on TV. I’m sorry to hear that someone is disparaging her, since it is not based on anything about her personally – but something that is completely out of her control. Chilling.


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