Disappointed with Sephora


Remind me never to buy anything from Sephora online ever again. I wanted to treat myself to something nice for Christmas and ordered my favorite Dior mascara. It arrived right in time for Christmas, which is good, but look at how it was packaged. A big box stuffed full of paper. I had to rummage in it for a while to fish out the small tube of mascara. Mascara isn’t fragile, so it makes zero sense to waste all that paper and cardboard on shipping it. Now, instead of feeling happy about my purchase, I feel guilty about wasting all this paper.


8 thoughts on “Disappointed with Sephora”

  1. Don’t feel guilty, each day we waste much more resources, without even noticing it, than this tiny bit of paper. I am serious here. Away with guilt, let the holiday fun begin!


  2. Sorry to hear that Clarissa. I hope you’re still having a great Christmas though. You certainly seem like you deserve it. This is one of the most unique blogs I’ve come across in terms of the amount of insight and ideas that you present.


  3. Well one thing about paper to not fret about is that paper exists in an essentially unlimited supply. Paper is not supplied from trees that are limited in supply but rather from managed forests, they continually regrow new trees specifically for paper.


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