Creepy GPS

Early this morning we set out towards the St. Louis airport. I entered the airport’s name in the GPS but the GPS glitched. It has been acting weirdly since we left it in the scorching heat overnight last summer.

What was really creepy, though, was the manner in which the GPS glitched. Instead of showing us how to get to St. Louis, it showed us how to go to Quebec, Canada.

Now, please tell me: how on Earth did the GPS know we were traveling to Quebec today? We never used it to go to Canada and never drove to Canada before or since we got the GPS. So it isn’t like it has Quebec on the list of favorites. We didn’t even discuss Quebec around the GPS, as far as I can remember.

Is this creepy or what?

If anybody has an explanation, please share it.

5 thoughts on “Creepy GPS

  1. Just fyi, leaving a GPS or other devices with rechargeable batteries in a car is usually not very wise, as extreme temperature changes can vastly decrease the battery capacity and lifetime. In fact, if you ever come accross a GPS with a battery that lasts only minutes, you can be sure that it was left in a car where it was repeatedly frozen and warmed 🙂


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