39-Week Rule

The horrible, inhuman 39-week rule kills babies. Read a horrible story illustrating this barbaric practice here and ask yourselves why you never heard a peep from anti-choicers about this.

I hope you have figured out the answer by now.


6 thoughts on “39-Week Rule”

  1. The 39-week rule is a load of crap. At thirty-six weeks, the kid was barely premature. Stopping labor at that point is just stupid, as it poses serious medical risks to both the baby and the mother.


  2. That was a horror story! Why would any sane person stop a natural labour so late in pregnancy?

    I have no idea why the anti-pro-choicers are happy with this rule. The fact they are bat-shit insane means one can’t easily predict their mind set.


    1. Everything that has to do with childbirth has become deeply ideological. This rule is a way to keep women from getting elective c-sections. It transforms in penalizing every childbirth that is not occurring according to the rules of naturalists. Those folks are, indeed, batshit crazy, religious fanatics.


  3. The ideology of the 1950s was along the lines that if anything was natural, it was probably suspect. The imposition of science as a kind of straitjacket, and cultural mores as a kind of straitjacket, along with religion as a kind of straitjacket, was considered imperative. You can see this ideology reflected in Jaques Lacan’s writings, whereby the infant is considered “mad” until a straitjacket of convention is imposed on it.

    My parents were well into this ideology in the past. So they followed strange rules and gave their pregnant labrador worming tablets late into the pregnancy, which led to all the puppies being stillborn.


  4. This exact situation is one of the defenses of midwives that I have heard (from midwives.) No midwife would do such a thing, ever.


    1. Midwives and doulas kill so many babies that the 39-week rule cannot compete. I would give links but I’m on the road right now. The blog that is linked in this post has a lot of information on the scary number of infant deaths during home deliveries.


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