How to Make a Good List of New Year’s Resolutions, Part I

The reason why most people never complete anything on their list of New Year’s resolutions is that they go about creating it in the wrong way.

Please look at your own list of resolutions and underline with a red-ink pen every resolution that will involve forcing yourself to do something unpleasant. Now use a blue-ink pen to underline every resolution that will involve doing something highly enjoyable. If most of the items on your list are underlined with red ink, your list is crap and you are wasting your time creating it.

People mistakenly believe that a good life is the kind of life where you cause pain and suffering to yourself. Every January 1 they plan to start leading a much better, worthier existence. For them, that invariably entails doing even more things that they dislike doing and removing the last few enjoyments from their lives. This is patently ridiculous. Life is supposed to be happy, joyous, blissful and full of profound pleasure.

Ask yourself how many times a day you have experienced an acute feeling of happiness in the past year. If your answer is, “How many times a day? You, silly Clarissa. I maybe experienced it once a month, if that”, then you need to start changing this sorry state of affairs right now. Let your list of New Year’s resolutions be about making your life happier instead of forcing yourself to do even more stuff that you detest. Just think about it. Wouldn’t it be a really enormous achievement if you manage to make yourself significantly happier next year?

[To be continued. . .]

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Good List of New Year’s Resolutions, Part I”

  1. musteryou got there first. Just wanted to add my congratulations to your million target achievement!

    As for resolutions, I don’t like the obligation of thinking about them in the new year. I’m very anti having pointless stuff imposed on me. However, I set myself a target to get fit this (academic) year so I started going to zumba in September and I’m still going, and am fit. Result.

    This new year, my dearly beloved suggested I get my finances in line using a nifty software that he uses so I can identify exactly where my dosh is going. He uses it and is very impressed, and I think it would be a sound move. It would also be useful for my son to get an idea of it so he could use it when he leaves home in a couple of years.

    So, for once, I have a new year resolution, but it is totally by chance that the topic came up now. 🙂


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