Hollywood Vs Sandy

What shocked me about the fiscal bill is that Hollywood got an enormous tax break. What is this, the USSR? Is Hollywood now the ideological branch of the US government?

Yes, I know all about lobbying. But I find it obscene that stupid Hollywood would get a windfall while the victims of Sandy wouldn’t even get a crooked dime.

12 thoughts on “Hollywood Vs Sandy”

  1. What angers me just as much is how Congress and other members of the federal government got an increase in pay! They should have cut their salaries at least 10% in my opinion. The post office has lost around 15 billion dollars this year and yet Hollywood is getting a tax break. Idiots. I could run Washington D.C. far better than a lot of those morons who work in government. It’s so frustrating.


  2. I was so spitting mad last night… I watched c-span (a first in my life) online to see the final fiscal cliff vote – I was curious and procrastinating. Then I saw them just ignore Sandy. It is just so ridiculous that one man (not even a man elected by the whole country) gets to decide the fate of millions. *GRRRrrr* Seriously, the song and dance around finances took up so much of their minds that they couldn’t be bothered to think about the lives of millions? arg!


  3. It’s been speculated by commenters at Lawyers, Guns, and Money and elsewhere that this might be to spite the people in the northeast (who aren’t Real AmericansTM) and to spite NJ Governor Chris Christie, who did the responsible thing and worked with Obama in Sandy disaster relief.


  4. What I find offensive is that, for all of the acrimony surrounding the passage of this bill, these blatant kickbacks to Hollywood and Wall Street were barely even part of the debate. To me, this suggests that Congress is pretty much rotten to the core.


  5. “What shocked me about the fiscal bill is that Hollywood got an enormous tax break. What is this, the USSR? Is Hollywood now the ideological branch of the US government?”

    Hollywood isn’t the only one piggy backing on the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy. Vogue did a whole high fashion shoot for their magazine using the first responders to the hurrricane plus the damage caused by Sandy as a backdrop to some highly paid models wearing clothes that most of the folks in the area couldn’t afford.


    Notice that the title of the article is storm troupers. I wonder what Vogue would have done during the forties with the Warsaw ghetto as a backdrop? The true ideology of the US is consumption.


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