My Trip to Montreal in Pictures, Part I

I understand that most people resent being forced to look at other people’s photos, so I’m putting the bulk of this post under the fold. Only go there if you are ready to see many photos of Montreal, food, my mother’s religious imagery collection, and me enjoying the snow.

I have noticed that I tend to post only those photos of myself where I look weird. Here is finally a photo where I’m neither exhausted, sick, sleepy, or angry. It was taken on December 31 in my favorite Montreal cigar bar where I took N. in preparation for the New Year;s festivities.

Stogies Portrait 2

I really like this self-portrait because at least I’m kind of smiling here. As promised, the rest of the photos are under the fold.

Here is the room at the Delta Hotel on President Kennedy where we stayed:

Delta Hotel (1)

I highly recommend this hotel because it sits right between the Anglo and the Francophone parts of Montreal downtown, close to everything you might want to see in the city. The rooms are huge, and there is a fully equipped work desk for people who carry their equipment with them:

Delta Hotel (2)


Of course, on my very first day in Montreal, I obsessively photographed the snow. As my good luck (and Montrealers’ bad luck) might have it, Montreal had experienced the greatest snowfall in its recorded history the day before I arrived. Here is me looking ecstatic in front of a huge snow mound. My hair here is a practical demonstration of what happens to people who are too lazy to straighten it before going out into the wind:

Snow Clarissa


Even in the fiercest cold, I never wear a hat because my hair is like a fur blanket. Who needs an extra hat when you grow one out of your head anyway?

Montreal downtown is filled with these great statues that appear in the most unexpected places. Here is one in front of my alma mater, McGill University:



And here is another one in front of the building where my sister worked for many years and had an office with the most phenomenal view you can imagine:

Statue 2


After this walk, we met my friend Ol. at a great little coffee-shop on St. Denis. We had a lot of fun ridiculing, among other things, the new Canadian money. It has a see-through plastic window in it that melts in summer. Have you ever seen see-through money before?

Money Hole

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