Temptation and Downfall

If you are wondering why I haven’t been blogging a whole lot this weekend, here is the reason. When I was in Montreal, I accidentally walked into the Las Americas bookstore (which is the best Spanish-language bookstore in Canada or the US). I always resolve to avoid it whenever I go to Montreal, but once I’m there, I tell myself, “Well, I’ll just pass by and look at the newest arrivals. It isn’t like I have to buy anything.”

Once I get to the store, I begin to feel tempted.

“OK, I’ll just get one small book,” I tell myself. “There is no harm in that.”

In the process of looking for one small book, I realize I can’t choose.

“Well, I will get two small books then. One book, two books, what’s the difference?”

A few moments later, I realize that I’ve been kidding myself.

“Fine, three medium-sized books it is. And after that, I’ll just leave.”

And then thoughts about the temporary nature of being begin to visit me.

“Life is so short, and what is this small temptation in the grand scheme of things? Faced with the enormity of the universe, one should feel ashamed of begrudging oneself a few books,” I tell myself and begin lugging every book in sight to the check-out counter.

Then I come home, lie in bed, place the books in piles around myself, and achieve nirvana.

7 thoughts on “Temptation and Downfall

  1. That’s exactly how I feel. I have so much that I want to read and once I get into a really good book, I just can’t put it down. Right now, I’m mainly focusing on trying to learn as much about economics as possible, even though I want to add much more history books on my list of things I must read. It can get overwhelming sometimes, but reading has helped me to take my mind off the problems that my family faces.


  2. LOL, I completely understand, I’m like this with both music and books. Anytime I walk into a music or bookstore, I think I’m just going to look around but I end up buying lots of stuff. In the case of books, I end up buying loads and taking months to read them all but I love it. I totally understand about the blogging thing, at least you weren’t kidnapped by aliens 😉


  3. There is this thing about bookshops far away from home. They always seem to stock books you never see in any book shops in the town where you live. And experience tells me that if I say to myself “I want that book, next time i come in i will buy it.” And next time I come in it will be gone.


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