Freudian Spam

With his analyst, N. is discussing how much it hurts him to be fat-shamed by his mother and sister. They are both obsessed with his weight and keep telling him he is fat (even though he is not even remotely fat and he has asked many times for them to stop doing this.)

In the midst of this therapeutic process, I get an email from him titled, “Tired of carrying around all that extra fat?” The email tells me that finally there is a remedy that will “end my life-long battle with extra weight.”

Thank goodness, I have a healthy body image, so I realized immediately a spammer must have broken into N.’s email account to send out this garbage in his name. So I warned him about it.

The funniest thing, though, happened during N.’s session with the analyst.

“So,” the analyst said, “in view of what we have been discussing in our sessions, it was curious to receive the message about weight-loss remedies from you. Would you like to discuss that?”

N. had to spend the rest of the session explaining that sometimes a spammer is just a spammer.

Or is it?

I’m publishing this because N. asked me to as a way of warning people about spammers who break into gmail accounts.

5 thoughts on “Freudian Spam

  1. I really don’t like the straitjacket aspect of Freudianism, where language erases itself through a putative contradiction. It speaks to the quietism of the ideology that what you say is seen to indicate its opposite. i.e. “I’m not concerned with losing weight,” probably implies that the issue concerns one deeply.

    Don’t protest, don’t resist. Sit quietly in your strait-jacket, because the more you move, the more it’s going to bite into you.

    And, furthermore, I insist that I’m not wearing a gargantuan black hat with purple mothballs in it.


    1. “I’m not concerned with losing weight,” probably implies that the issue concerns one deeply.”

      – If one says it in response to a query or once, casually, in a discussion that concerns weight loss, then no, it doesn’t mean that.

      However, if one introduces this statement into every conversation, a propos of absolutely nothing, and keeps talking and talking and talking about it, it becomes obvious that the person in question is obsessed with weight.

      An example: There is this blogger who keeps posting endless posts about how much he doesn’t want to have children. He even created some sort of a theory about this. He writes mile-long posts about everybody who breeds being a cruel person and how he so so so so doesn’t want to breed. Of course, the funny thins is that nobody offers to have his children because he is kind of worthless.

      Would you believe his denials, or would you at some point suspect that “the gentleman doth protest too much”? 🙂 🙂 I think his purple mothballs are screaming to the skies. 🙂


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