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6 thoughts on “From Facebook

  1. Titfortat on said:

    Funny, though I am surprised you didnt remark on the Patriarchal aspect of it. 😉


    • As I said many many many MANY times, sexual preferences (such as sexual positions) do not have an ideological component. The most ultra-progressive person I know does not enjoy any position other than missionary.


      • I love a lot of sex positions, but I love missionary a LOT because 1. I am lazy, it feels nice to sometimes just lay back and be pleasured 2. For the first entire year that I was sexually active with my first college boyfriend, we used the same position every single time– cowgirl– and even when we branched out, he was never willing to try missionary.


    • Benoni on said:

      There’s a patriarchal aspect to a cartoon of kids misunderstanding sex? I don’t get it. Is there something I’m missing?


      • I guess he means the missionary position.


      • The other day my youngest daughter, 15 yrs-old, came across some sex ads on the newspaper and she asked me for explanations. “Mom, do you know what Complete French is?. And what about Greek?”. I was sidetracked making dinner and said: “Are you talking about Foreign Language Courses?”. Daughter then overreacted and said: “No Foreign Languages mom, it is all about sex!. I’ll read it to you mom: Blond, 5,6 inches and huge breasts offers Complete French and Greek”. Gosh, I was shocked. So much so that my answer was:” That I don’t know honey. Your dad and I got divorced 14 years ago. But I’ll find out for you”.


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