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    1. As I said many many many MANY times, sexual preferences (such as sexual positions) do not have an ideological component. The most ultra-progressive person I know does not enjoy any position other than missionary.


      1. I love a lot of sex positions, but I love missionary a LOT because 1. I am lazy, it feels nice to sometimes just lay back and be pleasured 2. For the first entire year that I was sexually active with my first college boyfriend, we used the same position every single time– cowgirl– and even when we branched out, he was never willing to try missionary.


    2. There’s a patriarchal aspect to a cartoon of kids misunderstanding sex? I don’t get it. Is there something I’m missing?


      1. The other day my youngest daughter, 15 yrs-old, came across some sex ads on the newspaper and she asked me for explanations. “Mom, do you know what Complete French is?. And what about Greek?”. I was sidetracked making dinner and said: “Are you talking about Foreign Language Courses?”. Daughter then overreacted and said: “No Foreign Languages mom, it is all about sex!. I’ll read it to you mom: Blond, 5,6 inches and huge breasts offers Complete French and Greek”. Gosh, I was shocked. So much so that my answer was:” That I don’t know honey. Your dad and I got divorced 14 years ago. But I’ll find out for you”.


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