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Hello Berlitz!

We have gotten to the point where we are seriously discussing whether it is OK to let students graduate without taking a single literature seminar. Because God forbid they don’t take every grammar course available under the Sun and take literature instead.

Bye-bye university, and hello Berlitz!


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15 thoughts on “Hello Berlitz!

  1. What?

    The problem is not fees, it’s the mediocratisation!


  2. What?

    The problem is not fees, it’s the mediocratization!


  3. Good God.


  4. “Why am I the only person who sees that this is a road to the eventual death of our department?”

    Finally, my funny idea of two programs could be a serious one.


  5. I am appalled that you colleagues does not see the scheme, and even support it. Without lit. you do not have a major. You Spanish major program will phase out in 2020.

    Some professors really take their job (and their discipline) for granted, and not seriouslt enough.


  6. One of the things I appreciate where I work is that my colleagues of the Spanish section refuse to offer courses in translation, even if our numbers would be better, because we know that if we start offering courses in English the quality of our major will suffer.


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