Lonely and Sad

When N. left for a conference in Florida for 3 days, I thought I would have some single-woman fun in his absence. What a great opportunity to do everything I can’t do when he is around! Like eating a ton of garlic, cooking nothing but borscht, and watching films in bed until 4 am. I can always watch films when he is around, of course, but not in bed because at night he sleeps there.

So I made a bucketful of borscht, ate so much garlic that I’m sure people in St. Louis can smell it, and watched 4 of my favorite films in a row. But I don’t feel at all happy. Actually, I feel sad. And lonely. This is weird because I was happy when I was single. What happened to me all of a sudden? Where did single-woman happiness go?

I will now go eat some more garlic.

2 thoughts on “Lonely and Sad

  1. At least you still have us until your husband returns, and wow! Florida? I live in Georgia and I’ve only been to Florida a few times, and that was at the Miami International Airport. Haha! I’d be automatically jealous if I was in your position.

    What are your favorite movies?


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