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I think that everybody who is taking part in the Pastagate – on either side – should go find some work to do. Seriously, folks, this is all so trivial that it’s a shame to waste one’s life on that. Pasta is for eating, not for debating, tweeting and organizing political action.

In case you haven’t heard of Montreal’s Pastagate, here is a link:

Buonanotte restaurant, located in French-speaking Quebec, Canada, recently came under fire for using the words “pasta” and “calamari” on its menu, reports CBC. The reason? The words aren’t paired with French translations on the menu, and that’s a problem for Quebec’s office of French language (OQLF).

CBC reported that the restaurant’s owner, Massimo Lecas, was told by authorities that Italian words such as “bottiglia,” “pasta” and “antipasto” should all have a French translation on the menu. He also claimed that he was told to translate the Italian words for meatball and calamari into French.

My Facebook thread looks like all of my friends are completely obsessed with pasta.





Worldwide for thousands of years? Really?


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22 thoughts on “Pastagate

  1. Roberto Severino on said:

    Very very stupid nonstory indeed. Journalism has been on the decline for decades.


  2. Abolish the language police.


  3. The OQLF said they had been overzealous, so yes, as you said, end of the story. Next!


  4. Leah Jane on said:

    Can I just laugh for a bit at the fact that the memes are in English? 🙂


  5. “So now you are against Bill 101??”

    I’m against a part of this law, especially the signs part. The State should not regulate private advertising signs. I’m a secessionist, but not a nationalist.

    But I don’t have a big problem to not subsidize english schools, but this is not the case in Québec now.


    • “I’m against a part of this law, especially the signs part. The State should not regulate private advertising signs.”

      – I respect you for that,

      “I’m a secessionist, but not a nationalist.”

      – And I especially respect you for that.


  6. It’s striking to me how much the Francosupremacists are like the religious right wrong in the US. For example, the RW enacts/supports laws motivated by animus/hostility towards atheists, women, scientists, LGBT people, etc. (opposition to same-sex marriage, VAWA, attacks on reproductive rights, creationism, etc). Similarly, the Francosupremacists are motivated by animus/hostility towards English speakers, such as Bill 101 and the recent proposal to strip bilingual status from some local jurisdictions in the province.


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