Why Can’t It Always Be This Way?

It only took 3,5 years for me to see real snow in Southern Illinois. Almost as long as it took me to learn to pronounce the word Southern the way they do it around here.


I’m using this opportunity to walk in the snow:


This is so enjoyable that I can’t believe I only get a chance to do it once a year.


I just hope the neighbors don’t call mental health services for me.

8 thoughts on “Why Can’t It Always Be This Way?

  1. Yeah, the footprint picture is really cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We have ALL THE SNOW here in Kansas! It’s great! We might have more than a foot by now (I live in the very northeast corner of Kansas), and we’re going to get more throughout the night.

    I’m so happy.


  2. (I’ve lived in Kansas for eighteen years, and this might be the biggest snow we’ve ever had in that whole period. Certainly most winters go by with just a few measly dustings, or nothing at all.)


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