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An Academic Essay as an Excuse to Generalize

A student regaled me with the following pearls of wisdom in the very first essay I have read:

– Women want men to give them extravagant gifts because the cost of a gift is proof of love from women’s point of view.

– Women are more likely to choose men who give them expensive gifts over men who don’t because men who don’t give expensive gifts have no way of showing their love.

– Women whose husbands work a lot are likely to cheat on them because they get bored.

– Women need more attention, gifts and compliments than men.

– Women don’t like men who can’t help them to improve their economic standing.

If I manage to teach students that academic essays are not a good place to went their medieval prejudices, I will be a happy person.

P.S. This was a female student.


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8 thoughts on “An Academic Essay as an Excuse to Generalize

  1. I think she expresses some projection…


  2. Yeah, I know, it’s wrong to ridicule someone’s accent, but


  3. What sort of household did she grow up in? She has a LOT to learn!

    If I were a bloke, there is no way I’d go out with her. She’d better be pretty or she’ll have no hope of getting a man with an attitude like that.

    Come to think of it, some rich men like that. There’s even a website for it where you pay to have a girlfriend over a period of time; agree to pay her so much per month, take her on exotic holidays, shower her with gifts, and when you’re bored, give her the sack. As it’s a business arrangement, there’s no emotional angst involved. I can’t remember what the website is called now, but I saw a programme about it on the tele and tried to understand the girls’ claims that they weren’t glorified prostitutes.


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