Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-promotion

As parents, we need to ask ourselves whether we’re posting photos for our children or for ourselves. And if you’re posting it for yourself, wait a little bit before pressing the “share” button so you can really think about if it’s in your child’s best interest.

18% of Democrats and 44% of Republicans believe that an armed revolution might soon be necessary to protect the “liberties” in this country. I suspect that “armed revolution” is a reference to some video game or a brand of ice-cream, so I’m not worried.

A new contribution to a collection of rants from unhinged Sanctimommies. Why don’t these freaks just go get a life, seriously?

The world where dates and tamarind chutney exist is a beautiful world.

Yes. Yes. Children should learn about sexuality the same way they learn about nutrition and hygiene and families and being kind. But they don’t, and the reason they don’t is because the grownups are mired in a dangerous combination of lack of knowledge and abject fear. How can we teach our children what we don’t understand ourselves? The answer is that we ARE teaching our children, every day we are transferring to them our ignorance and fear – and the fear keeps us ignorant, and the ignorance keeps us afraid.” Hear, hear!

A post I agree with makes fun of Obama’s outrage about rape in the army: “Obama can hardly be astonished that a couple of half-assed sensitivity training courses have failed to eradicate the military epidemic of moral turpitude; “this stuff” is necessarily endemic to the armed forces. That’s because a high moral purpose is absolutely antithetical to the systematic perpetration of deadly force, which perpetration is, after all, the whole raison d’être of the whole flippin military.”

A phenomenally stupid article from David Brooks about immigration. If he is being facetious and I’m failing to get it yet again, please, please tell me. I don’t want to believe it is possible to write something this egregiously stupid about immigration.

If you are a cheating-enabler sort of professor — if you give take-home exams and shit like that, shit that guarantees cheating — own it. Be that thing. Get defensive when people call you on it and say it’s no one’s fucking business how you run your classes. Don’t get all schizodemento and hurl yourself from one extreme to another and hypocritically protest to the class how shocked and hurt you are.” Exactly. Let’s all stop discussing our feelings in the classroom and take them to therapy sessions instead.

I hate, hate, hate the so-called academics who do the dirty work of administrators and betray their colleagues. See an article by a vicious freak who wants the administrators to force his colleagues to be present on campus even when they don’t need to be there. People are supposed to be where they don’t want or need to be because this jerk wants an identity, a community, and compliments from his stupid wife we all are supposed to care about.

When I read posts like this one, I feel very happy that I didn’t get a job in California (I interviewed at the blogger’s college, and what a mistake that was). If their classes are of this stupid, touchy-feely sort and are dedicated to discussing the students’ “fears, desires, and uncertainties”, I don’t want to be there. And I really don’t want to be around faculty members who are so sex-deprived that they see the excruciatingly prissy society where they live as “permeated by the pornographic.” California is dead, people.

My favorite dumb parrot invents the wheel: “Feminists do not appear to welcome non-feminist male voices.” What a mystery! Feminists don’t want to hear jerkwads who don’t think women are human. How completely incomprehensible. Yes, freak, feminists don’t want to hear stupid crap coming from completely worthless insects. Why would a human being welcome the ugly and stupid voice of somebody who doesn’t deserve to be spat on, let alone listened to? If there are any questions about why African Americans do not “welcome the voices” of racists and why normal people do not “welcome the voices” of Nazis, feel free to ask.

And the post of the week is from this great blog I recently discovered and that has the beautiful slogan of “I don’t care about anything, especially your fetus.” The blogger is writing about the reasons why trying to maintain a friendship with your ex is a silly idea, and I agree completely: “Dumper or Dumpee, neither of you should try to be friends, it’s incredibly fruitless, all relationships require work but that one has run it’s contractual obligation.  The moment I tried to be friends with one of my exes I tarnished the memory of what we had. . . Being friends with your ex is like the hour after eating Taco Bell, you know it tasted good going down but. . .


49 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-promotion”

  1. Posting photos of one’s children on the internet is a real issue. It’s not just about the embarrassing pictures, it’s all of them. I recently became the target of a deluded woman who started stalking me on my blog. She also sent me a nasty message on FB about my partner. Her target was actually him, and she used me to get at him.

    I don’t have photos of my boys either on my blog or on FB and I was actually pretty glad about that because it’s one thing to be the target of a deranged woman but quite another when she has access to photos of your kids.


  2. “Why would a human being welcome the ugly and stupid voice of somebody who doesn’t deserve to be spat on, let alone listened to? ”

    You know, I do enjoy the irony of you directing that statement to someone who has literally been spat by a feminist as a child as part of his abuse. It is, of course, a personal irony. There was no way for you to have known about that. But I do find it amusing, although not quite as amusing as your assumption that not being a feminist is the same as being a racist or Nazi.


      1. For someone who doesnt seem to care you sure do like to reference him. Some days Clarissa you really do sound like a hateful, bigoted individual. 😦


        1. Have you read the creep’s vile trash? It sounds like you really haven’t. This stupid thing deserves all it can get. And I promise that he digs being kicked, the harder the better.


      2. Actually I have read his stuff and most of it makes perfect sense. Interestingly enough, he doesnt single out individuals for contempt but certain ideologies that he doesnt agree with. That to me is what reasoned people should do rather than attempting to make personal slurs. But hey, to each their own. The one thing I enjoy in your posting is that you usually follow that process but once in a while you lose it and go ranting.


        1. If it makes me happy to stomp on jerkwads personally on my blog, that’s what I will do.

          You are trying to act as a Savior to someone who doesn’t need it. I made this guy’s week and gave him material for propping his pathetic little excuse for an identity. Believe me, he is celebrating right now.


      3. I don’t understand what’s exactly going on here. Is he legitimately disagreeing with you or trying to troll and is he also a regular to this blog?


      4. Maybe he’s one of those men’s rights activists (MRA) types based on the links on his own blog.


    1. Misandry is not feminism.

      “But I do find it amusing, although not quite as amusing as your assumption that not being a feminist is the same as being a racist or Nazi.”

      Racists hate Blacks consider White as superior people, Nazis hate Jews and consider the “ayran race” as the superior race and non-feminists hate women and consider men as superior people. What’s the difference?


      1. Non-feminists hate women and consider men as superior people(David)

        It is interesting to see how your brain works or not so much. You obviously have a lot of people in your life who actually hate you considering almost 2/3 of the population dont identify as feminist.


        1. Please look up the dictionary definition of feminism I provided on the blog a few days ago. Do you know anybody who disagrees with the idea that men and women should have equal rights? If people don’t disagree, then they are feminists.

          If you want to argue with the defnition, please take it to the website of the makers of the dictionary. I have no interest in such a discussion. Thank you.


      2. Maybe not, but with your logic they would still hate you. Considering many feminists don’t think certain feminists practice the “right” kind of feminism, I think you would have a hard time explaining it to most people anyways. Oh well, sucks to be you having all those nasty people hating on you. 😉


      3. I don’t care about non-feminists hating me because I hate them vigorously.(David)

        Funny thing, I knew that already. You sure do seem to have a lot of hate in you. Im sure that will entice lots of people to want to hear about your brand of feminism.


  3. It sounds as if the post of the week is not accessible. Any reason?. That’s a view I am particularly interested in reading. Thanks


  4. Heh. yeah, women should defer to men who wish to pontificate on the ideology of masculinity, of which women know nothing, being on the other side of the binary invented by gender essentialists. Why won’t the ladies sit down and shut up? They know nothing about masculinity and it’s about time they heard it. It’s the missing part of the puzzle — the part that will make it all make sense. Only males can supply it, but the women are actin’ too dizzy. That’s why nothing they say makes sense. They gotta get them some masculine authority, tellin’ them what to do an’ howta make sensa everything.


    1. I especially like Little Toy’s fake shock when dicovering that everywhere in the developed world being anti-feminist is, indeed, equal to being a racist or a Nazi. Hating women is no different than hating blacks , Jews , or gays. But he is pretending not to know that.


      1. I cant believe you miss the fact that feminisn isnt just about women its about equality, remember. That is why there are male feminists too. Or did you miss that memo, lmao. But then again, you arent into choice feminism so the jury is out on what you think of male feminists. 😉


      2. Well he wouldn’t hate you if you succumbed to your “true” nature and just deferred to him.

        I agree that most people who get all riled about nazis and racists are really indulgent, even supportive, of misogynists. They’re kind of like, “Well women wouldn’t be in their secondary position unless they really wanted it.”


  5. And as typical Muster sees only what she wants to. Not surprising considering how good of a feminist you are.


    1. Everybody sees only what they want and are prepared to see. Everybody. Some people, like musteryou, are prepared to see a lot. Others, like this Little Toy, are only prepared to see a tiny little fragment of their wounded reality.


      1. I do see a lot and have lived out many lives in many different historical circumstances. Because I am full with life and experience, I also resist the emotional blackmail implied in the idea that if I don’t automatically sympathize with the point of view of every stranger or con artist, there must be something I’m unwilling to “see”.


    2. @titfortat: first you say that arguments should be objective and not personal, and then start making personal attacks. Ironic indeed.


  6. Hey Sis, I never said I was perfect or consistent. 🙂
    In reality though, I kinda like your big Sis and most of her thought processes. When it comes to feminism I do think she misses it by a long shot.


    1. You must kinda like musteryou too then. I forgot that this is how prepubescent boys express their affections. Good thing they’re not in front of you, or I fear you’d also pull their hair.


  7. Stephen Harper’s Government turns Canada’s National Research Council into yet more corporate welfare:
    My rather angry thoughts on the matter here:

    Finally, a non-offensive depiction of a transgender character in a movie. Too bad it’s really, really boring:


      1. I hated LP’s stupid article. Yes, a company wants to sell stuff. Oh, the drama, the huge revelation. We had no idea that companies only existed to make profits.

        I hate all this typically American belly-aching about the evils of commercials. Like this Valerie Solanas freak who left a comment about the hateful patriarchal commercials that she still can’t stop consuming for whatever reason.

        And as for the moisturizing soap that LP dislikes so much, it doesn’t try to make anybody beautiful. It simply relieves the painful itch one feels after washing one’s face without it. That’s all. No quasi-progressive drama needs to be made about it.

        I’m very tired of these boring man-splainers.


        1. Well he was belly-aching about the belly-aching, which is a new twist to the American drama. I think it probably makes sense if you are deeply embroiled in that culture. I make sense of it from my distance, although all the highs and lows of typical US culture seem more extreme to me, and somewhat silly, because I am not there.


  8. Don’t know whether you know, just for fun.

    Trivia fact: in 1988 Hawking accepted Wolf Prize in Physics, which is awarded once a year by the Wolf Foundation in Israel. Of $100, 000.

    Would he accept it today too?


  9. Will New Pakistani Government Ban US Drone Strikes in Light of Court Ruling? (Ross)

    In the first major Pakistani court ruling on the legality of the CIA’s drone campaign in the country, a Peshawar High Court judge said this morning that strikes are ‘criminal offences’. Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan ordered Pakistan’s government to ‘use force if need be’ to end drone attacks in the country’s tribal regions.

    He ruled that US drone strikes in Pakistan constitute a ‘war crime’ and are a ‘blatant violation of basic human rights’, killing hundreds of civilians. He ordered the government to ‘forcefully’ convey to the US that it must end drone strikes and called on the UN Security Council to intervene.

    The Pakistani government should also gather data on those affected by drone strikes, and offer redress to the victims, Khan added.


  10. The town that drowned: Eerie pictures of the real life Atlantis that was underwater for 25 years In 1985 a long period of heavy rains sent the lagoon bursting over its banks, and it swept over a busy small town

    Epecuen was submerged beneath 10 metres (30 feet) of water and 1,500 residents fled their homes
    Even when waters receded, the country town, 550 kilometres (340 miles) south of the capital, was never rebuilt

    That’s what we’ll all see soon a lot, if global warning predictions come true, people.


    1. I wouldn’t quite say “Turns out the Boston terrorists began killing before the terror act.” before they actually find them guilty on this. We don’t yet know if one or both the Tsarnaevs were involved.

      Back to the links-of-the-week subject, one of ribbonfarm’s oldies but goldies – a look at middle class through the economic exchanges it accepts and the ones it requires, triggered by the writer’s attempt to improve the enjoyment and life improvement he derives from his money:


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