You Can Keep Your Apocalypsis

So we just heard that the state legislature will not be cutting a single dime of our funding. To the contrary, we will be getting extra money for a variety of projects we have underway.

I now solemnly swear never again to waste a second of my life participating in the favorite American pastime of “Apocalypse is starting right now; we will all die a painful horrible death immediately.”  I’m sorry, folks, I understand that this is an activity this culture enjoys passionately, but I’m not going to Americanize myself in that direction. From now on, worst-case scenarios should be savored outside of my presence.

First, people drive themselves to distraction with all these drama-queenish slogans of “academia is dying!”, “scholarship is becoming extinct!”, “nobody will ever get any jobs in any industry ever!”, “we will all be driven into prostitution, misery, and starvation!”, “humanity is doomed!” and then they guzzle anti-depressants like vacuum-cleaners. And the really hilarious thing is that these are usually the same people who ridicule the cheap masochism of Shades of Grey. Anastasia Steele at least gets to climax as a result of her masochistic fantasies. What do the regular drama queens get out of all their doom and gloom?

Please, folks, if I ever allow myself to slide into apocalyptic thinking once again, do give me the link to this post.

5 thoughts on “You Can Keep Your Apocalypsis

  1. Fear mongering and engaging in apocalyptic thinking only wastes time and energy that could have gone into doing something productive for yourself. Bitching about the problems isn’t going to do anything to solve them. More people need to practice what they preach. That’s why I try to do as much drawing as I can. It helps me to relax and escape reality.


  2. F-false

    Its amazing how often we project things that never happen. 😦


  3. Oh, those exercises are information for the future. They won’t actually make the cuts until they figure out how to make up some of the difference via other means. We’ve been cut 80% over the last five years but the planning for this took several years of looking at the various scenarios, during which time it was all just exercises. This is how it is done. What you want to do is actually have your plan B, and be proactive against the next exercise — don’t ignore; it is not that it is not serious, it is just that it is not immediate. There is no need to become overwrought, but awareness may be useful.


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