Talks With My Sister

Sister: You know, when I go out for lunch or drinks with my employees, they always fall silent and listen with the utmost attention whenever I say anything. Even when I say something completely trivial. And I have to confess that I kind of like that.

Me: Ah, now you get why I dig my job! Remember that I normally have more than six people shut up whenever I speak. And they also write down everything I say. The only problem is that when I leave the classroom, it’s hard to accept that people don’t shut up whenever I open my mouth and never write down every word I say.

P.S. Jokes aside, remember that everybody’s personality is impacted by their profession but people of the highly aggressive professions, such as teachers and doctors, have to be especially careful. Without regular and intense psychological hygiene, they begin to bring their aggression home.

3 thoughts on “Talks With My Sister

    1. Lawyers don’t have direct power over groups of people. Corporate lawyers, especially. They work with papers, not people.

      Law enforcement people, yes, obviously there is high aggression there.


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