I desperately wanted this day to be associated with something not horrible. So I started working on my new book. And it really helped.

6 thoughts on “Book”

    1. I’m looking at the literature produced in Spain as the economic crisis keeps raging on in the country. Spain was hit very badly by the crisis, and things have not gotten better just yet. And it is very interesting to see what kind of writing is being done as a result.


  1. When will your book about coming into life female stories be out? Have you discussed there only Spanish literature or English one too? Has anybody written it on English lit? It sounds fascinating, and I would be glad to read it. It’s in English, not Spanish, right?


    1. I had a lot of comparative literature stuff in it but everybody who read it hated that part, and I finally had to remove it. I hid some comp lit in footnotes because it seemed such a shame not to be able to show my erudition.


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