Clarissa’s Kotlety: A Recipe

Here is how my kotlety turned out:


To make them, you mix ground turkey meat with ground chicken meat. Add some salt, an egg, and some cooked cous cous. I also add some coarse grained Dijon mustard. Squeeze some fresh garlic and mix the whole thing with your hands.


Now mold kotlety on your hands and roll them in flour or breadcrumbs. Almond flour works very well even if it’s expensive as hell. Here is what you will have as a result:


Heat up some olive oil in a pan and get it to bubble. Then place kotlety in the pan. Do NOT close the lid or lower the heat.


Wait until kotlety get a nice golden sear on one side, turn them over, lower the heat, and NOW close the lid.


Sometimes, you need to turn them over a few times to ensure a uniform golden color. Remember to keep the fire low and the lid closed.


Mmm, tasty!

8 thoughts on “Clarissa’s Kotlety: A Recipe

  1. I showed this to my husband. We are dying to make them! I will save the recipe and try it out this weekend. Thanks!


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