Two Injustices a Week

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the best commenters in the world are the ones who comment on my blog. But there is value in reading comments on other blogs, too. I rarely do that and that’s a shame because look what I just found on Rebecca Schuman’s blog. A reader is shocked by the blogger’s massive output and says:

RS’s general leitmotif is outrage at the various higher ed injustices – not that there aren’t injustices out there (hell, I can think of many injustices myself! just not related to higher ed…), but I just didn’t realize there were two new injustices a week to write about!

The guy either has the greatest sense of humor ever or. . .

3 thoughts on “Two Injustices a Week

  1. Even I was somewhat intimidated when Slate promoted me to eight articles a month. However, some of those eight are about quirky German things (Kafka videogames, Aldi, etc.), so it’s more like 1.5 injustices a week. And yet I often have to narrow down my choices, because I get an email every other day from someone telling me their institution is cutting half its departments and would I write an article about it.


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