Funny Article about Bob Dylan

I need to be working on my yearly report, but instead I started reading an article about Bob Dylan somebody linked on Facebook, and now I’m laughing and beating my ahead against the desk:

What ought to shock people is the proto-fascist line: “Let Asia assemble your phone,” delivered by a Jewish American who, at one point in our history, fought for the rights of blacks, Latinos, Jews, Asians and other minorities in America with his iconic songs filled with mesmerizing poetry. Did Bob Dylan forget that Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent filled with a multitude of diverse cultures and the home of several ancient civilizations, not to mention the home to some of the world’s top-selling automobiles, computers and internet technologies, just to name a few achievements?

I never know when something is meant to be humorous, but whether this is a parody or an earnest piece, it is hilarious. Just read it, it’s all like the quote.

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