More Comedy

In case you don’t want to click the link, here is some more stuff from the funny article:

This is the age where most people are bought and sold in the marketplace, only to be told that they are free – free to choose the product of their choice.

This is hard-core comedy, people.

And this:

The Bob Dylan-sellout incident is emblematic of the triumph of neoliberalism and its religious zeal for market fundamentalism. This is what Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan had in mind when they built their alliance 30 some years ago. They wanted to buy as many Bob Dylans as they could to sell patriotism and a new form of market fascism to the world.


There is a number that is absent from news media accounts. Those who decided to tune out this fraudulent narrative of greatness. They can be counted too.

So what do you think, folks? Is this intentionally humorous, or. . .? Can there really be an actual human being who writes this way in earnest? I mean, my writing was derided and ridiculed for years (and rightfully so), but even in my worst moments I did not produce anything of this kind.

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