Meanwhile in Ukraine. . .

Here is a good article on what is happening in Ukraine.

I really like this part because it might just be true:

Ukraine had perhaps the most tragic history of any country in the 20th century.

The only thing that is inexact is the following:

Divided between a Russian-speaking eastern half and a Ukrainian-speaking (and often westward looking) westward half, Ukraine isn’t sure what it’s identity is going to be.

There is no such clear distinction into Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking parts any longer. It’s been melting like snow in the past 20 years, so now in my city of Kharkov you can hear Ukrainian spoken in the streets. And you don’t get more Eastern Ukrainian than we are.


3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Ukraine. . .

  1. There’s generally been a lot of conflation with “Russian-speaking Ukranians” and “pro-Russia Ukrainians” as well. As far as I can tell, Russian-speakers in Ukraine no more want to cozy up to Russia than English-speaking Irishmen want to join the UK.


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