Millenials Are Everywhere

I just observed in a musical competition on Russian TV a popular singer in his twenties react with a tantrum and a bout of weeping to the kindest, gentlest, most respectful criticism of his performance by the judges.

“But I tried so hard!” he bawled and ran off the stage.

“Was it something I said?” fussed a 60-year-old judge. “Why is he so upset? I need to go apologize.”

My students are like that, too. Not all but quite a few. And if diplomacy today isn’t working, imagine it being placed in the hands of ultra-sensitive, perennially aggrieved and generationally wounded Millenials.

2 thoughts on “Millenials Are Everywhere

  1. It’s not that bad in Poland yet AFAICT but I have noticed hints in that direction.

    I do an activity where students give each other feedback (because in the past they paid more attention to what other students say than to what I say). It’s all framed in talk about how ‘everyone has room for improvement, including me’ and there’s never been a problem with it before. But this year a few students have seemed to be in shock during the feedback.

    And in office hour consultations I’m noticing some really wounded looks and/or passive agressiveness instead of the simple annoyance I’m very used to.

    This is worrying….


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