Pedagogical Thoughts from the Sickbed

Do read this outstanding piece on what good language teaching is supposed to be like. Highly recommended.


Hello. I am sick. I would give this particular nondescript stomach bug about a 4-5 on the SGIS (Schuman General Infermity Scale), with a 1 being a bad night’s sleep, and a 10 being pneumonia–have I ever mentioned that I had pneumonia? OH, I HAVEN’T? (Just kidding.) Anyway, due to said infermity I lack the energy and wherewithal to formulate the following into a proper treatise for publication, so, you get this.

I had a feeling that my evaluation evaluation would resonate (not to be confused with my essay essay, or my powerpoint powerpoint–yes, I am trying to develop a collection, thanks for asking! Also, is it me or is GOB the voiceover guy of like EVERY television ad on earth now? What is the deal with that? See what I mean about being sick?). Anyway, boy did this piece resonate! Almost all reactions have been not only…

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