Extreme Physical Stess

So does anybody know anything about extreme physical stress? I’ve been studying my test results, and they are off the charts. The measurements for physical stress go from -3 (which is very low stress) and 3 (which is very high.) Mine is 8.46. It’s like I’m a soldier in a combat zone.

And the weird thing is that, physically, I don’t feel anything all that special. What is physical stress, even?

4 thoughts on “Extreme Physical Stess

  1. I may or may not know something about it. If you are trying to do something that is beyond your fitness or fatigues levels, I think you will experience extreme physical stress. Also if you are depleted in some minerals, you might feel stressed out. Mental stress and physical stress are also related. You’ve got to bring yourself back down within your limits for a while.


  2. oxidative stress? That comes from eating things you’re allergic to, or eating a lot of things everyone is allergic to – legumes, nightshades, or getting too much omega 6 fats, etc.


  3. My primitive mind would say that stress has to worked through and dealing well with emotional stress (which you’ve had a lot of the last year or so and dealt with very well – and buying a house and preparing for a tenure application are also extremely stressful no matter what the circumstances) doesn’t eliminate the stress but moves it to the physical …. realm (but probably in harmless ways).

    If you’re feeling basically okay physically then you probably shouldn’t worry to much about it, it’s the stress working itself out (which takes time and cannot be hurried). And better physical than mental/emotional.


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