A Monument Dismantled in Russia

After Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, declared openly that he was gay, Russian authorities dismantled the monument to Steve Jobs in St. Petersburg.

The explanation is that the monument in the form of a giant iPhone has turned into propaganda of homosexuality after Cook came out. Being openly gay is illegal in Russia. Plus, the Russians say, Snowden warned a while ago that Apple is evil, and it’s become obvious now that the company’s CEO is engaging in the propaganda of sodomy.

But I’m sure none of this will dampen the Liberals’ adoration of Putin.

12 thoughts on “A Monument Dismantled in Russia”

  1. But the Heroic Soviet Monument still can’t be dismantled in Budapest. No. Moreover the Hungarian state is expected to guard it 24/7/365 against “vandalism”. Yeah, because that statue is not the symbol of a vandalic regime, noooo, not at all. They could have chosen that instead of the Apple monument. At least Apple didn’t force millions to concentration camps, as the heroic soviet regime did. I guess that was much better than one man being gay. I wonder why Putin is afraid of homosexuality and sodomy that much… recently he seems to have a close relationship with the young Snowden 😀


    1. Russians react very hysterically to anybody touching these monuments. To them, the only explanation for anybody not worshipping them is Nazism. There was a brief moment when Russia was open to discussing the Soviet crimes but that moment ended pretty fast. Now any discussion of that – even in academic contexts – has been criminalized.

      I’m thinking of teaching a course on the differences between Spain ‘ s dealing with its authoritarian regime after its fall and the way this legacy is being silenced in the FSU.


  2. Why do you generalize from the opinion of one nitwit in “The Nation” to all “liberals”? I am just as baffled as you are at The Nation’s uncritical stance on Putin. What I really don’t get is why any Russians pay attention to Putin when he isn’t fixing the day to day problems (lousy economy, lousy everything else). You would think that the average Russian would have had a bellyful of loudmouths in power, and ignore them.


      1. Ya got me there 😉 I have no clue why people re-elected Bush. Because political parties are like sports teams to Americans, and people feel obliged to “root” for their team? Every election seems to me to be another race to the bottom.


  3. If I were clever, I would come up with a skit for the Great iPhone Iconoclasm. One thing is for sure, if Cook retires and the Russian university decides to revive the iPhone statue, it will cost twice as much and be 40% taller, half as thick, and bend in the wind.


    1. The really curious thing is why this campaign isn’t extending to banning iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, etc. of which there are enormous numbers in Russia.


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