Rand Paul Keeps Prattling

Rand Paul declared that parents own their children.

Everybody with a functioning brain gagged.

When will this silly bit of fluff finally remove itself from public view and let adults engage in politics? His Daddy issues are beyond boring.

12 thoughts on “Rand Paul Keeps Prattling

  1. Memo to Rand Paul: your children will select your rest home because you’ll be too far-gone in your dotage to be competent enough …



  2. Right. That’s a libertarian principle isn’t it? Ownership of the stuff around you. Except that if you try own people, the resentment you will grow in them will end up so high that you will end up with painful and unncessary injuries.

    Stilll… grab hold of what’s around you and start to “own” that.


    1. I am yet to see a Libertarian who actually owns any of his actions. These are the biggest whiners and losers in the world. They sit there, in total poverty and misery, explaining how the only reason they are in such deep shit is that the big, mean, evil “Gubmint” is preventing them from being strong, powerful and active.

      [The explanation is not for musteryou who is obviously well-aware.]

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  3. Libertarians tend to be concerned with themselves and their property rights. Functionally US libertarians are Republicans that want to smoke pot or are just irrelevant politically.
    I’ve never met a libertarian who actually gave a shit about other people’s rights or understood the concept of “my right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins.” I knew a libertarian who couldn’t work because of her Ehler Danlos and lived off her husband. Her primary objections to airport security measures were “I’m disabled [and white] why are they looking at me they should harass more brown people, rah rah SB1070.”
    In my town some guy decided to set up a gun range in his backyard. Lots of people are alarmed because there are lots of children who live nearby. It’s perfectly legal. Libertarians love this kind of shit.


    1. So in America I wouldn’t even be a Red Tory, I’d just be a Republican?

      I can’t abide the smell of cannabis, especially the skunk weed that’s preferred as the cheap high in East London …


      1. Weed is super stinky, isn’t it?

        What’s a Red Tory? Google keeps throwing up Burch bags and referring to Canada.

        Possibly. Most people who call themselves libertarian almost always vote with Republicans. Rand and Ron Paul say they have libertarian values but are registered Republicans and vote with Republicans. Strong civil libertarians don’t have a home in either major party. You could be a Blue Dog Democrat but Blue Dogs don’t tend to express libertarian sentiments of any kind. Many Blue Dogs used to be moderate Republicans.
        There is a Libertarian party but it has no majorities in any legislatures at any level. It has never won a single seat in Congress.


        1. “Rand and Ron Paul say they have libertarian values but are registered Republicans and vote with Republicans.”

          • Exactly! I’ve been saying this for years. They are regular Republicans and all their fake Libertarianism is just aimed at attracting bored and disaffected Momma’s boys.


        2. In the UK, the colour associated with the Conservative (Tory) Party is blue, while Labour has red as its colour …

          So a “Red Tory” is a conservative with some liberal leanings.

          Also, the phrase has come up recently again because some people have called Boris Johnson a “Red Tory”, even though I think he’s a mostly blue Tory …


        3. So if I am to understand correctly, the Libertarian Party is in effect the “GET OFF MAH LAWN” party … πŸ™‚


      2. I’m not sure. Have you followed the Republican rhetoric in this country? You seem like a reasonable human being and most of the Republican leaders are tryly insane (just read Clarissa’s recent posts on what Republican governors are doing to higher education in this country.)

        In my opinion, we don’t have a real left wing political party in the US. We have the Democrats–which are reasonable right wingers— and we have the Republicans–which are insane right ringers. You might be a perfectly happy Democrat here. πŸ˜‰


        1. Actually I’m fairly sure I’d be a happy expatriate or permanent traveller, given the choices you’ve presented. πŸ™‚


          1. Jones: Here’s a quiz to show where you might be. It’s fairly short

            In the UK version I ended up evenly divided between Greens, Labour and Liberal Democrats but YMMV since I don’t follow UK politics closely.


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